Storebrand’s objective is to be recognized as the best provider of products and services for pension planning and saving in Norway and Sweden. There are two main challenges in pursuit of this objective: a) Storebrand is perceived as an ordinary insurance company and b) most people appreciate the need to save and plan ahead, but tend to postpone doing so. The main objective of a revised visual identity and a new web is to inspire and make it easy for people to take action today, and support the main Storebrand message: Storebrand is on the customer’s side. Storebrand is a pension specialist and an advisor who thinks holistically and long-term on behalf of its customers.
The essence of the design concept is that it should simplify what is intrinsically complex, and leave customers with the feeling that Storebrand is on their side. The design always supports the content and helps convey it efficiently. Design elements are never allowed to be “niceties”, but are used with a clear purpose – to simplify, explain and visualize the message. Images of Storebrand employees – the actual pension experts and the customers’ mentors/advisors – are used to underline the person-to-person relationship between the customer and her advisor. Infographics is used extensively to visualize complex content. This is further supported by a pictogram-style, mono-linear illustration style, used in small formats. 
Team at Creuna Norway – visual identity
Graphic Design: Stein Øvre, Hans Haugli, Marc Ligeti and Anne Farnes
Illustration: Sindre Martin Dahl, Marianne Børresen and Sebastian Reed
Design Implementation: Hege Olsen, Janecke Løyning and Kristina Nyjordet
Strategic Consulting: Nina O'Gorman and Hedda Lilleng
Project Management: Lisbeth Fasting
Key Account Management: Beate Alme and Josephine Simonsen
Team at Creuna Norway – web
Graphic Design: Hans Haugli
Service Design: Noni Løvvik
Design Implementation: Anne Granhaug and Kristina Nyjordet
Concept Development: Stein Sørlie, Hans Haugli and Noni Løvvik
Copy: Nina Nordrum Vennevold
Interaction Design: Noni Løvvik and Therese Drivenes
Strategic Consulting: Josephine Simonsen
Digital Consulting: Beate Alme
Storebrand rebrand

Storebrand rebrand

Visual identity for major Norwegian/Swedish insurance company, to support repositioning from all-purpose insurance company to pension specialist.


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