Voss – a small municipality in Western Norway has a long tradition of brewing their own homemade beer. L/L Voss Fellesbryggeri is eager to share this fine beer with the rest of Norway – and the world. Creuna has developed a visual identity where the unique Voss personality and humour are the key elements; personality through a handmade look, humour through texts - both reflecting the special Voss way of viewing life – always playful, informal and with a humorous twist. The texts are kept in the native “Vossa-speak”.
Short texts/sayings are used both on bottle labels and other elements of the visual identity. The purpose is to raise eyebrows and give people something to talk about. The text on the glass is something of a mission statement and stamp of quality for the brewery: "Brewed by people who – after all – have had a few”.
Handwritten texts are at the core of the visual identity.
The beer comes in black stubby bottles with contrasting colours.
You can also get them in a wooden six pack.
Visit L/L Voss Fellesbryggeri at their website and on Facebook.
Team at Creuna Norway
Stein Øvre (concept, design & photography)
Marc Ligeti (concept & design)
Olav Nausthaug (concept & copy)
Arne Hjeltnes (concept & copy)
Anne Kindem (project management)
Sindre Martin Dahl (3d visuals)
Sebastian Reed (concept, copy & 3d visuals)