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    A luggage cover illustration design inspired by the Filipino culture
PROJECT: Wanderskye Luggage Cover
An icon pattern illustration for a local travel accessories brand
Wanderskye is a proudly Filipino travel accessories brand that aims to bring unique and practical travel accessories to people around the world. It aspires to promote young local talent by commissioning artists to create designs for their first product, the Wanderskye Luggage Covers.
I've been given the opportunity to be part of the first batch of artists they have collaborated with for their initial project launch last September 2014.
All of the artists were given a specific theme, all relating to the Filipino culture. I was given the theme "It's More Fun in the Philippines" for my luggage cover design. 
Illustration is not my best suit, but I came up with lots of icons that best reminds us of the Philippines, along with a couple of travel-related words. 
Tropical Filipino (left) and Glimpse of the Philippines (right) by Vincent Aseo
Type and Color Choices
The color palette used for the pattern illustration
Icon Illustration Details
A closer look at the icon set illustrations used for the pattern
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