Fashion, Design and Lifestyle
For our finals in Print and Publication class, we were tasked to layout a 120-page magazine which focuses on any 2-3 topics we wanted. 40 pages were allowed for ads, and the rest was up to us. Obviously, I picked the topics which were deeply close to my heart: fashion, design and lifestyle.

I was kind of clueless at first on which one theme the magazine has to focus on, but then I remembered how I truly adored Russian top model Sasha Pivovarova. Not only is she a model, she is an incredible artist as well. I decided to make my magazine a tribute to her talents while squeezing in inspirational articles about design, fashion and life tips.

The images I used for this magazine was taken from various websites on the internet. These belong to their rightful owners. I'm placing a few of my favorite spreads which I felt happy playing around with. I truly enjoyed laying out each photo and pairing it up with the appropriate articles. I uploaded my magazine in for a better feel and view of it. I hope you enjoy browsing my magazine! :)