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    A branding project for a music photographer friend, Karen De La Fuente.
BRANDING: Karen De La Fuente Photography
A logo branding project for my photographer friend's portfolio
My good friend Karen de la Fuente asked me to make a logo for her, which she can use as a watermark for her photos way back in 2013. 
I really admire the way she captures and immortalizes the moments in her work for both the local and international music scene, and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to create a logo mark for her.
The 1975
The 1975
Idioms and Dispositions' Traces EP Launch
I created the logo to be something simple and versatile, without having to explicitly state the word “photography” in it.
Taking into account its usability as a watermark for your photos and a logo which can stand for itself, I created a logotype with soft rounded edges to make it look clean and classy.
The Royal Concept
The Royal Concept
I created a compressed version with the first name and the last name initials with the custom type I created for the full logo version. I also made a version with just the initials with the same process to create another shorthand version for the logo mark.
The Drums
The National — FebFest 2014
Do check out her work at the link below for her complete photography sets!
You can also follow her work on Facebook and Tumblr!