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    Borden Dairy Radio spots. Credits: Sean D. Young, writer. Christopher Miller, voice artist. Scott Johnson, composer and engineer.

This radio series was created for Borden Dairy who was sponsoring both the Oklahoma Blazers and the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. The concept  of an overly ambitious organist who, now that he has his big chance, begins to create other versions and remixes of his jingle. 

This first two in the series aired and the rest are rough demos made for later rotation. I've decided to share all of these as a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process with composer/engineer Scott Johnson and voice talent Christopher Miller. While I had the lyrics down, we improvised in the studio using Scott's compositions/keyboard awesomeness, loops, and music beds. The melodies along with performances were first or second takes by Christopher complete with his many ad libs for the endings. Some are fun, some are cheesy, and some are kind of self-indulgent. For me it's a nice look at how fun the creative process can be.
COMPOSER: The first spot with the traditional "charge" organ melody with Eddie Slick's lounge lizard vocals.
HIP-HOP REMIX" Eddie Slick tries to appeal to the young ones. A favorite improv: "Proud spizzle of the Oklahoma Blizzle."
LATIN: This one was a bit over the top. The bongo drum reference was totally Charo. The funny part I remember was our debate whether to have the ending be in Spanish or Portuguese...
COUNTRY: This one was more successful. Christopher is amazing here with both his ability to fit in all the copy on some lines as well as his drunken yodel at the end. Classic.
METAL: We almost jumped the shark on this one. Writing this one I couldn't think of a word that rhymed with calcium and just wrote that in the lyrics. We decided to leave that in...
NEW WAVE: One of my favorites. A nice example of Christopher's agile voice.
REGGAE: "Refreshment revolution" was my favorite bit here...