Paradiso Via Inferno
2010 Idaho Rockie Awards Branding and Promotion

The Rockie Awards are an important opportunity to celebrate creative excellence and every year the pressure is on to outdo the theme, promotion, design and event of the previous year. 

The 2010 Rockie Award theme of "Paradiso Via Inferno" centered around the Heaven-through-Hell difficulties of producing great work in this industry, especially during a tough economy. This “hell” aspect of low budgets and insane timelines was rewarded and celebrated with the “heaven” aspect of being recognized by your peers at the Rockies Awards. 

The campaign integrated this theme throughout invites, call-for-entries, posters, TV/Web Video spots, and most importantly, an elaborately produced event.

One of those moments you live for. You write some weird copy and your partner elevates it to genius level (especially true if that person is Jennie Myers.) 
Copy: From the wastelands ofmediocrity a valiant few sallied forth, thus transmogrifying leaden limitations into creative gold. Verily, they rejoiced like rock stars. 

The days of wrath and oblivion have been forsaken. For one night, a jubilant pantheon of professionals carouse in a bacchanalian rite recognizing advertising excellence.
The trailer for the show. Stumbled on the origins of "Lorem Ipsum" and it fit nicely in the theme. The voice over with the french accent is the translation of Cicero's text. The spot was edited and built by Justin Yonk. Sound design by Sean D Young. Audio recording and mixing by Steve Fulton. Voice Over: Patrick Wright, Michael Perez, Lisa Hawkes, and Emmy Young.
Trailer premiered at the Boise premiere of Art & Copy to a large crowd. 
Call for entry versions. Skull copy: Out of the purgatory of committees, deadlines, budgets, & revisions you get one shot at redemption. Ditch the volcanic abyss of obscurity. Submit your fragile ego to the torment of peer rejection OR the fawning praise of half-blitzed sycophants. Cherub copy: Toga-swaddled cherubim trumpet you. DO NOT abandon ALL hope, ye who enter here. The hour of exaltation is nigh.
Campaign was a social media juggernaut.
Swag bags and award show books.
Interior of award book.
Interior of award book.
This shows how far Jennie developed the concept into the actual even with giant angel wings created by Christoph Guigon and Corrin Olson of Gospad with the help of most of the Rockie Awards Committee.
Client: Boise Advertising Federation
Concept / Art Direction / Design: Jennie Myers
Concept / Copy: Sean Young
Trailer animation: Justin Yonk
Trailer sound design: Sean D. Young
Audio Production/Mixing: Audio Lab, Steve Fulton
Photography: Crissie McDowell & Ampersand Studios
Installation art: Christoph Guigon and Corrin Olson of GOSPAD
Arthur Brown was demonic when demonic wasn't cool. I love this song and think the opening is one of the great opening moments in pop history. We sampled it in homage to the majesty of Fire. The mix of pop and occult inspired the mix of tone for the Paradiso Via Inferno work.
Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt (Le Mépris) trailer served as the inspiration for the sound design on the trailer. Loved the different voices and use of typography. Of course we took to absurd levels.
Kenneth Anger's films are simple and strange. Especially Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome. I was obsessed with this image during the writing and loved the mix of play and menace in this image.
Here's a short version of Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome that Kenneth Anger cut to Electric Light Orchestra's Eldorado album. I think this version also has the tone that inspired the work as well. At about 6:35 is the iconic demon in hand reveal.
Paradiso Via Inferno