The Bahamian Club was created as an alternative to the limited offer of men’s swimwear. Current male alternatives focus their design on surfing and similar water sports, leaving non-surfers without an option and allowing TBC to hit the market with a fun and tasteful brand. 
The logo, merges and synthesizes three of the most representative national symbols of the island, resulting in an eclectic, versatile and memorable brand which embodies the lifestyle of the bahamians.
          NATIONAL FLAG                                              NATIONAL BIRD                                             NATIONAL CREST
P  A  T  T  E  R  N  S
By staying consistent with the idea of a new and refreshing brand we were able to develop strong visual patterns.
Elaborated and colorful compositions made of sea shells, fish, coconuts, palms and many more elements related to the Bahamas and its culture, served us as inspiration to design the fabrics.
Art Direction: Bruno Campos & Alfredo Enciso
Design: Marcelo Jiménez
The Bahamian Club