A Sense of Place
Nottingham Trent University - Year 1
This was my very first project on my Graphic Design course at Nottingham Trent.  The brief was that I had been allocated a group who were to visit a pre-selected place in Nottingham and from that place to create an image and some type as an outcome representing the place. 

The Place my group was allocated was St. Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham.  The thing I found most interesting in this place was its use of light, because it didn't use any electrical lights and was dependent on both daylight as well as candle light which gave some great shadows in the place.  Naturally I noticed that the widows were decorated with stained glass so I came to the conclusion that my word should be stylised in this way. 
As you can see above I ended up using the word "Light".  This was because of the limited physical light that was used in the Cathedral; it relied on sunlight and candles, which both gave the place a gentle atmosphere.  I also thought the word was appropriate for the religious association with the word, often things bathed in light were holy, such as in illustrations of angels and Jesus, they would often have a halo of light behind them. 
Keeping with the theme of glass stained windows, I decided that my image should be done the same way.  I decieded that the content for the window should be about what the majority of people now believe.  I figured that science in its own way is similar to religion so therefore I thought of some famous scientists that I could illustrate in the style of a stained glass window.  In the end, I chose Einstein, since he had the most recogniseable features.