Peace One Day - Space for Speech
Nottingham Trent University - Year 2
D&AD brief set by Interbrand
This brief was set by the organisation, Peace One Day and the Global branding agency, Interbrand.  The brief was to make it impossible for anyone to ignore Peace One Day, by making it a day that everyone globally engages with, so governments and leaders in conflict zones have no choice but to implement it.  They want it to be as ubiquitous and as part of our social fabric as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.  

After much research and brainstorming, I formed the idea that the only way to raise awareness and get people to engage with this day is to make it personal.  However rather then guilt tripping people like most non-profit organisations, I needed to portray the positive values of Peace One Day. 

 My idea was to try and get people to call a personal cease-fire on their own conflicts.  This would provide a chance for people to make peace and reunite with lost friends and family members.  It is through this action that people will then start to feel the benefits of actively making peace with one another and hopefully will be able to extend it from their own social circle to strangers.  By the mass public participating in this, Politicans will be forced to take this into account when dealing with other nations.  

I decided it would be best to execute this idea through a campaign which I named "Space for Speech".  This campaign would provide areas and opportunities for people to reconnect, as well as introduce people to the bigger picture of Peace One Day.  If everyone can feel the benefit of peace, then people will be more willing to take action to maintain and promote it.    
Initial research board into what Peace One Day is about and what it has already done.
One of my example of my Research into Peace symbols and their meanings and representations in different cultures.
Example of other cultures current celebration methods of festivals and events.
The beginning of my final idea, the idea to resolve personal conflicts as well as global ones.  
Examples of how I can interact with the public to promote Peace One Day
My main idea of creating a platform for communication, to verbally discuss and resole issues as apposed to violence, can be applied for any country and culture whether it be a sofa or just a designated space.  
My First board - Explains the concept and contains the key elements of the campaign and summaries how it will be executed throughout the month of September.  
Stage 1 - Promotion through common social objects - Coffee cups and Napkins
Stage 1 (continued) - Promotion through social environments - Public transport
Stage 1 (continued) - Promotion through Social media - Website and Application concepts
Stage 2 - Public Interactive Environment - Platforms for conversation in popular social hot spots.  
Stage 3 - Political Interactive Environment - applied through areas of global political action.