Jind Fruit Co. Buyers Guide
Guide contains all the vital information a produce buyer needs for decision making.
The custom made bamboo binder shown with the cover of the buyer’s guide.
Creative Direction: Tugboat Group
Art Direction/Design: Chris Young
This buyer’s guide for Jind Fruit Co. tightly incorporates their sub-brand visual elements, really cementing the company’s ‘What Summer Tastes Like‘ tagline to the look and feel of all their promotional materials from the website through to the packaging and print collateral. In a very short time, Jind Fruit Co. has become the largest independent fruit grower in BC’s interior, including its Summer Nights™ Cherries, Summer Love™ Peaches, Summer Fling™ Select Fruit (nectarines, apricots, Italian prune plums and grapes) and Summer Breeze™ Apples.
The 16-page buyer’s guide is sent to produce purchasers both Canada-wide and beyond. It contains all the vital information a buyer will need when making their purchasing decision such as produce quality descriptions, availability range, shipping configuration (bulk/clamshell), box dimensions, weight, pallet configuration and sizing.
This spread features all the fruit that comprise the Summer Fling™ Select Fruit; Apricots, Grapes and Italian Prune Plums.
A custom-made bamboo binder was designed to stand out on the produce purchaser’s shelf, allowing the purchaser to update their resource binder as updated guides come in.
Close up of the Summer Love™ Peaches illustration which also appears on all the packaging.