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    Samples of books and lecture notes I've written. They are marketed to other family & children's entertainers, sold online and after my lectures a… Read More
    Samples of books and lecture notes I've written. They are marketed to other family & children's entertainers, sold online and after my lectures and seminars. I did the writing, editing, layout, illustrating, design and marketing for these books. Read Less
Learn Magic is an instant-author ebook I designed. It's based on the textbook I wrote for Circus Camp, where I teach magic classes among other circus skills during the summer. Instant-author means purchasers have resell rights to the book, including listing themselves as the author and inserting their contact info, logo, photos, etc on the inside pages.

This is one of numerous covers I have designed.

I have various versions for sale... Full color, b&w, photos, line drawings, etc. It's available on my website. (
Here is the back and front of the cover to Learn Magic with Mister Greggy that I sell on Amazon and other places
This sample page from my "Learn Magic" book took the longest to layout. Teaching this in print was tricky (tee hee, see what I did there), so I had to really focus on the flow of the elements on the page to make sure the steps could be followed sequentially. I traced photos of my hands doing the trick, but just converted the pencil and scarf photos to b&w.
This is a sample page from my "Learn Magic" book, teaching a simple rope trick. I used my graphics tablet to trace the original photos of my hands, and just converted the rope photo to b&w without tracing it.
I designed this back cover to my book "Learn Magic" using color photos from the book with text & referrals from my ads. This cover is only on the books I sell myself, not the version sold to the entertainers.
"Kids Think It's Funny" is the latest book I've published. It's written for other children's entertainers, in particular magicians, and teaches various comedy routines, tricks, performance tips, activities, marketing info, etc. It's also available as an ebook on my website (

This is the back, spine and front cover. The photo was taken by a newspaper photographer when I was on the road with the Cole Bros Circus (performing as "The Wizard of Odd"). The photo needed some editing to make it usable for the cover. I used heads from various locations to replace kids who were making funny faces at the cameraman. The child at the bottom looking straight at the camera was originally to the far left. I kept the original image on the left side just for grins & giggles, so far nobody has noticed.
My wife Abbie & I worked at "Six Flags Over Georgia" as street performers, and turned that experience into a lecture/seminar we present at various clown and magician conventions across the country. This is the cover of the notes. I combined the cover elements and the actual first page to cut down on the amount of paper and printing, since the notes were sold full-color.
This is a sample page from my "Rain or Shine" lecture notes. I love the photo of Abbie & I under that umbrella, it worked perfectly with the story on that page. That was the actual umbrella we used at the park.