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    Logo designs, mostly for family and variety entertainers such as magicians, jugglers, clowns, etc.
"Art On Your Face" is my wife's face painting company.
These are the first three drafts of a logo for Brian Lehr. He chose the bottom logo.
This is a concept for a circus-themed magic/puppet show geared towards young children.
I designed the magician wooden doll using the 3D modeling tools in Second Life. Not the program of choice for most 3D modeling experts, but for my purposes (and skill level) it worked just fine.
Years ago I used this logo for my design business.
I'm a full-time children's entertainer myself, which is why most of my design work is for other family entertainers. These are my own logos.
Magic Man Entertainment is one of my agents. Bill Packard, owner, supplied me with the original B&W caricature. I vectorized it, cleaned it, colorized it, encircled it and logo-ized it.