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    Logo designs, mostly for family and variety entertainers such as magicians, jugglers, clowns, etc.
----------------------- LOGO DESIGNS ---------------------------
Halloween Show Logo
I designed this logo in about 2 days to use for a Halloween show my friends and I were putting together for a theater in West Virginia. The show was for families and children, and featured a mischievous ghost named "Goofy Ghost" who caused all manner of problems to be solved with magic, juggling, bubbles, etc. This was used mainly on posters and the website www.SpookyGoofy.com, which I also designed.

Logo Tells the Story
The owners wanted this logo to convey what they focused on, which was converting various digital formats to print. The main clients were law firms and corporate. I designed the logo to be clean, and quick to comprehend. The logo was used mainly on letterheads and business cards. This was in 1996, before websites.
Ken Used This Logo Almost 20 years
Ken Scott is one of the country's best childrens' entertainers. I designed this logo in the early 1990's, and he used it for about 20 years. He focuses on magic, so I incorporated those elements. However, he also wanted clients and audiences to remember his name, so I made that the central point. To help with this, he had this printed on a banner which is displayed on his table during shows.
Three Choices
These are the first three drafts of a logo for magician Brian Lehr. He chose the bottom logo. He wasn't really sure what he wanted, so I went with three different styles that all conveyed exciting colorful fun for his comedy shows.
Let's Put on a Show!
This is a concept for a circus-themed magic/puppet show geared towards young children.
I designed the magician wooden doll using the 3D modeling tools in Second Life virtual world. Not the program of choice for most 3D modeling experts, but for my purposes (and skill level) it worked just fine.
Bouncy, Fun, Active
This logo combines the two main elements of the company... bounce house rentals and children's entertainment such as magic shows, balloon twisting, face painting. Charles, the owner, wanted the emphasis on the bounce houses since that's the bulk of his business. I traced images of jumping kids to create the silhouettes, and chose a font that's rounded, a bit classy, and legible from a distance so it would look good on a vehicle wrap or a business card. All the circular elements imply softness and bouncy, and also balloons.
An All Around Entertainment Agency
Magic Man Entertainment is one of my agents. Bill Packard, owner, supplied me with the original B&W caricature. I vectorized it, cleaned it, colorized it, encircled it, and logo-ized it. This is probably 20+ years old, he still uses it. I recently overhauled his website as well, it's at www.MagicManEntertainment.com