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My job as head of design, marketing, magic program, and operations director at Circus Camp keeps me busy.

Because of Covid, we were unable to run our popular Circus Summer Camp as usual, so I developed an online alternative - Circus in a Box.

Registrants would be sent a box filled with various arts & crafts, toys, costumes, props, magic tricks, and more. They would then have access to custom videos I produced which tied in with the boxes. The trailer video is below.
Video I produced describing Circus in a Box.
Our Big Flyer That is Given to Everybody

This is the front of the 2018 flyer/mailer/poster/ad we use to promote our camp. It's a challenge to illustrate the most popular activities, but I was able to get aerial, juggling, magic, unicycling, trapeze, costumes, and face painting displayed.

We had just recently bought the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man which the kids love seeing when they first arrive to camp, and I wanted to feature it on the flyer so they would feel connected. Plus it looks silly and that fits perfectly with our company's attitude. We call him "Jiggly Bob".
Promotional Video for Circus Camp

Video I produced to help create interest in camp. I knew parents would show it to their kids so I made it appeal to them as much as possible, while still highlighting the benefits of learning circus skills to interest the parent. Featuring lots of shots of the kids having fun emphasizes the experience kids have at camp.

I didn't have the best footage to work with, so I did the best I could. The video of the kids and the pies in their faces is particularly grainy, but when kids learn they can throw a pie in somebody's face they can't wait to attend. This was the only footage I had available so I decided to use it anyway.

Promotional video for Circus Camp. That's me on the little bike honking the horn.
Vehicle Wrap for Our Festival Trailer

We often perform (and promote our camp) at local festivals around Atlanta. I designed the exterior of our trailer to act as a moving advertisement and a great backdrop to our staging area. During our performances lots of photos get taken so I made sure our URL and phone number were easy to see.

We have three trailers, one large 24’ and two smaller. When setting up at festivals we had to move the trailers off our area and park them some distance away. Then I realized if the trailer were part of our performance it could stay with us which made setup and tear-down much quicker and easier. I designed trailer wraps to act as our backdrop for the shows. They can be viewed on my portfolio here. The trailer designs helped us look a lot more professional. At many festivals we became the “anchor” attraction because of our visual presence.

When I began designing it, I looked around at other vehicle wraps and quickly noticed something... most of them were awful. Usually way too much info and very busy graphics make them useless as an advertising medium. I decided to approach this like a billboard. Few words, bold eye-catching graphic, just the most basic info. I included the QR code in the bottom right corner because at the time they were quite popular.
The first vehicle wrap I ever designed
Our larger trailer
Pull-up Banners

We were fortunate to have some pull-up banner donated to us. We use them indoors at camp fairs and various other promotional events. Camp fairs take place between January and April each year and are the main source of our enrollment. Many summer camps set up booths to meet with parents and kids to promote their camp. Usually they are held at convention centers or malls.

Before I began designing them I looked around at other banners and quickly saw where they could be improved. Most people had their contact info on the bottom and the banners placed on the floor. Total waste of advertising space. I moved the URL to the top so they are plainly visible, and we sometimes place the banners on the table to help us stand out among the other camps.

Of course, the fact that I'm making balloon animals during the fair and attracting families in droves to our booth helps as well. Other camps like to set up near us because we attract so many people.
We have about 3 or 4 of these, they're very handy
Website for Circus Camp

Website update for 2022 using Wordpress.
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Around 2005 I took over as the lead designer for Circus Camp, where kids learn circus skills such as trapeze, juggling, clowning, magic, etc. S Read More