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    Posters and flyers designed for family & children's entertainers, such as magicians, clowns, juggler, circus schools, etc.
----------------------- CIRCUS CAMP PROMOTIONAL FLYER/POSTCARD ---------------------------

My job as head of design, marketing, magic program, and operations manager at Circus Camp keeps me busy. This is the front of the 2017 flyer/mailer/poster we use to promote our camp. It's a challenge to illustrate the most popular activities, and I was able to get aerial, juggling, magic, unicycling, trapeze, costumes, clowning, and face painting. We had just recently bought the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man which the kids love seeing when they first arrive to camp, so I wanted to feature it on the flyer so they would feel connected to the happy feelings. Plus it looks silly and that fits perfectly with out companies attitude. The next image is the back of the flyer.
There is a lot of information that needs to be included in this flyer, so it's a challenge getting it all in, and keeping the design interesting, and leaving space for the mailing address plus stamp. We decided not to include the prices, to avoid too much clutter. The list of activities the campers get to try is a big selling point, so it's included on the front and back.
---------------------- TRICKY CHAZ - ENTERTAINER ---------------------------
Outside of tri-fold brochure.
Inside of the tri-fold brochure.
---------------------- VARIOUS CLIENTS ---------------------------
A simple poster that is easily photocopied. Works well in B&W or color. Can be emailed as a PDF to libraries so they can print as many as they need and fill in the date, time, etc. I designed the evil rabbit in the hat logo.
Poster I designed to advertise my show at the Ludlow Theatre a few years ago. Once they sent me the photo of the lady with the horn, the whole design just fell into place after that. Since most of the elements were already designed, it was a simple matter of designing the layout pretty quickly.
This poster was to help out my pal Mr Puppet (Bob Abdou) and his show in Columbus Ohio. I designed the logo, which he loved.