------------ LEARN MAGIC BOOK ------------

Learn Magic is an instant-author book I sell. I wrote it, designed the layout, covers, most interior illustrations, photography, and ads. I used mostly stock art sources for the covers which I edited.

It's based on the textbook I wrote for Circus Camp (where I teach magic classes among other circus skills). Instant-author means purchasers have resell rights to the book, including listing themselves as the author. I customize the interior pages with their contact info and photos. Ten covers are provided to choose from, which I also customize for each client. I will also customize the cover from scratch if the client prefers, see Phil Ackerly's sample below.

Additionally I set up their Amazon page so they can sell it retail or purchase wholesale to use for sales after their shows, called BOR - Back Of Room sales. Similar to buying souvenirs after a concert.

Below is...
   • The sample sheet with the ten cover choices
   • A fully customized cover for a client
   • An ad for the service
   • Some samples of custom interior pages

There are more details on my blog: GregMcMahan.blogspot.com
Ten default covers to be customized for the client.
Cover created from scratch, fully customized for client.
One of the ads I posted selling this to magicians. The discount code is no longer active.
Kids Think It's Funny
Kids Think It's Funny is the book I'm most well known for among childrens entertainers and magicians. Published in 2005, the chapter on webpages is a bit dated but everything else is still relevant and useful for childrens entertainers. It teaches various comedy routines, tricks, performance tips, activities, marketing info, etc. It's also available as an ebook on my website (www.MisterGreggy.com/shopping).

This is the back, spine and front cover. The photo was taken by a newspaper photographer when I was on the road with the Cole Bros Circus (performing as "The Wizard of Odd"). The photo needed some editing to make it usable for the cover. I used heads from various locations to replace kids who were making funny faces at the cameraman. The child at the bottom looking straight at the camera was originally to the far left. I kept the original image on the left side just for grins & giggles, so far nobody has noticed.

Lecture Notes Sold at Clown & Magician Conventions
My wife Abbie & I worked at Six Flags Over Georgia as street performers, and turned that experience into a lecture/seminar we present at various clown and magician conventions across the country. On the left is the cover of the notes. I combined the cover elements and the actual first page to cut down on the amount of paper and printing, since the notes were sold full-color.

On the right is a sample page from my "Rain or Shine" lecture notes. I love the photo of Abbie & I under that umbrella, it worked perfectly with the story on that page. That was the actual umbrella we used at the park.



Samples of books and lecture notes I've written. They are marketed to other family & children's entertainers, sold online and after my lectures a Read More