30X12 Expose Calendar
Due to the nature of this brief, the chance to redefine the calendar with the absense of limitations allowed me to design a ‘tool’ that illustrates transformation.
Brain scan studies reveal that the sight of an attractive product can trigger the part of the motor cerebellum that governs hand movement. Beauty literally moves us. This inspired me to design a calendar that relies heavily on interaction - making this a DIY concept.
With that in mind, the 30x12 Exposé calendar challenges the traditional approaches to calendar design, using a visible, clearand effective wayfinding system that at the end of the year becomes a personal art piece, which contains your personally collected data over a period of one year (365 days).
Forming part of the reformed tropical calendar, 30x12 Exposé becomes one of the most important units in time measurement. In order to explain 30x12 Exposé, it requires various steps and an understanding of all its elements.
To operate the calendar you will need Pack 1, Pack 2, 30x12 Exposé App (IOS, Android) and natural direct sunlight as the calendar measures and documents a year’s weather through the activity of the sun.
Pack 1 is received once-off and includes a SunbedSunbed Stand, Booklet (info, surveys, steps, personsrecord), 4 x Concertina Filing and Flash Cards.
Left image is the Booklet which forms part of Pack 1 for the 30x12 Exposé Calendar for 2014. It
contains information, surveys, instruction steps and persons’ records for the impending calendar year.
Right images are the various pages found within the booklet that aid the user in operating the calendar from start to finish. 
As an extra, the last two pages are mood charts which entitle you to specify with black stickers what your mood was like in the weeks per month.
Part 2 for the 30x12 Exposé Calendar for 2014. It is received at the start of every new season. It includes Sundials within their trays and Time Capsules. Each Pack 2 contains 3 Sundials Trays and 3 Time Capsules for 3 months of that current season.
Every month, the user would unpack the present months Sundials  into the Sunbeds delegated slots. The weeks of the month are catagorised into a 5 part colour scheme to help one navigate through the days of the month.
The Sundials , which use photosensitive paper, that when exposed (1 per day for 1 hour) by removing the protective sealant and elevating the sundials gnomon (shaddow casting arm), it not only documents the weather relative to you through the light sensitive paper but forms part of a huge collection of sundials (365) that are put together by Nasa to become an art piece at the end of the year.
The 30x12 Exposé Calendar is intended to be an office bound calendar shared between 4 joint desks. I estimated the normal office hours to between 9h00 to 17h00 and applied this to the weeks Sundials  and what time the user should expose the light sensitive paper to achieve variation. Making this the accuracy of beauty in your offices environment.
As we live in the extended atmosphere of an active star, while sunlight enables and sustains life, the sun’s variability produces streams of high energy into the calendar’s Sundials. Due to its high energy, after each day’s Sundial exposure, the user needs to turn the Sundial upside down in its delegated slot on the Sunbed  to stop the exposure
but also to see what is happening with the lunar month.

(There are shapes cut from various coloured vinyl which illustrate the phases of the moon on the reverse side of every sundial for each month)
The perpetual last step to operating the 30x12 Exposé Calendar is that after each month to place all Sundials  from the past month into their delegated Time Capsule in order to truly fix the exposure of the photosensitive Sundials. 
To totally complete the calendar, Nasa will collect your time capsules at the end of the year free of charge and develop your Sundials  and turn your calendar into your very own piece of art poster according to the data you submitted. 
Therefore, as the owner, you will not only be apart of a creative movement but most importantly, a bystander of life itself and the effect of our nearest and active star - the fabergé egg of our universe
the sun.
Above right image is the personalised poster that Nasa puts together with the data the owner of the 30x12 Exposé Calendar gives over at the collection of the Time Capsules which hold your calendars Sundials. 
(man to poster size ratio)
This project has won a Gold Loerie Award in 2014 and has been published in "The Art of Calendar Design" by Sandu Publishers China
30X12 Expose Calendar

30X12 Expose Calendar

Due to the nature of this brief, the chance to redefine the calendar with the absence of limitations allowed me to design a ‘tool’ that illustrat Read More