Client wanted us to make a Valentine digital campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk product.
We all know that love story is very popular and everyone like it. And the fact that chocolate is the most important thing in Valentine’s Day.
We created a Social-game-Website. The story is about a Chocolate Couple (represent the costumer and their loved one) who need to go to The Heartland and put their love letter in a sacred tree to make their love etternal.
Game Play
Each day, we open a new stage to play and costumer have to do a simple task to reach kilometer point, so they can go to next stage. 20 first couple who arrive in Heartland will get the prizes.
Within two weeks, there are 6000 visitors with 10 minutes average time spent on site. Many users were engaged with this site and story.
Early Wireframe
Cadbury Heartland early wireframes.
Final Mobile User Interface
Left to right: Home page, Challenge Example & Congratulation Page
Final Desktop Interfaces
Home page
One of the challenge
Facebook Login
UX Manager: Bayu (Me)
UI Designer: Nurman Ismail & Nuzul Lutfiansyah
Creative Strategist: Christine Tensai
Cadbury Heartland Website