Kapal Api Website UX Strategy
WaktunyaKapalApi.com is responsive.
Client’s Brief
PT. Santos Jaya Abadi ask us to build a product website for their most popular brand, Kapal Api Coffee. They wanted this site will make their customer visits regularly.
Form our research, we found out that Kapal Api Coffee is very popular among senior citizen in Indonesia. This brand have a strong emotional bond with the customer. Some said that the first coffee they try in family is this Kapal Api coffee.
We also found that coffee have a strong connection with moment. Coffee is great friends when we start our day, when we have a “Me Time”, when we have some overtime works, when have some friends come to our home, etc.
To make this website emotionally appealling to users, we want to make this site is about “Customer using product” rather just a plain corporate site.
Since is about moment, we decided to make “Timeline” as our website concept. We encourage customer to post and upload their moments with Kapal Api. They can post photo or just a status update. To gain more engagement, we provided Social Media share buttons to make their posts easy to get viral.
Coffee Facts Page
Article Layout
Mobile mockups.
View it in action: http://waktunyakapalapi.com/
UX Manager: Bayu Bagja (Me)
UI Designer: Nurman Ismail https://www.behance.net/awawaw & Nuzul Lutfiansyah
Creative Strategist: Christine Tensai & Rahma Utami
Kapal Api Website UX Strategy