Enterprise Live Chat for Customer Service -- A beautifully designed, user-friendly interface featuring rich data enables INSIDE live chat operators to handle multiple conversations, armed with all the customer information they need. I got a great opportunity to propose a new alternative for Inside Dashboard Design. 
The current version has what we called the "Channel View". It is a table-styled list to see groups of a site traffic. Each group is filled by active, real time visitors of the site. Each visitor represented by an avatar. Each visitor can interact and communicate via chat interface which we can see in this Channel View.
We can see the above image, the information list is too wide for our sight. Also, the most important thing is its trigger cognitive load, which require users to think. 
New Design
I propose a dashboard instead of just a list. With a dashboard, we could provide a summary of important stuff at a glance. 
The Details
With these elements, Manager-level user will be easy to capture the conditions, such as:

1. Total Visitors and where are they come from. Are they new, returning, visitors who logged in or bots.
2. Engagement Summary: Chats and Email
3. How many agents there and their availability.
This is the list of channels and the sub-channels. Basically, the concept is the same with the summary above, but more details and divided by each channel.