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Digital in the theatre

DIGITAL ART in Puppet Theater Stage

The live drawing is transmitted via a projector onto the stage. But the light of the projector is not only light, but also a message, a part of the scenography, a source of mood. But it primarily conveys a work of art, which is also still in motion.
It works with an actor, but also with a puppet or another object and still casts a shadow.
Light, colors and darkness. It always carries tension...

I have been involved in the puppet theater for more than 30 years.  I have been doing digital painting and a combination with puppet theater since 2012. 

Over the years, I became more and more aware of the change in the function of the puppet, which was transformed along with the rapid changes in society, with the development of digital technologies that affect the daily life of all people, scientific research, politics, social life and culture.
Examples of our work at the Tineola Theater from 2013 to 2023:
Digital tools have become a helper for the possibility of networking and speeding up creative work. But not only that - it opens many new paths for us. You don't even know which one to marry.

It was quick and unexpected. The digital world has entered and is entering the lives of all of us - including children. It appears exploratory, but also predatory. For me, the meaning of all this is the possibility of general availability without the borders of countries and nations. But above all, I consider it necessary to use digital tools and networks for education. And since I work in the theater, it is natural to integrate education into the theater puppet world.
I focus on ecology and collaborate with scientists. I realize that "climate change" refers to something so big and extremely valuable that it is the very foundation of our lives. And we can't really respond adequately to this message. That is why I try to incorporate into digital puppet shows small sections of specific threats that we are able to grasp and that could be put together in cooperation with other activities of other artists into a more comprehensible whole.
Being aware of the situation is the key impulse to then continue to act actively.
Microorganismus Tardigrada ( slow step) Alias Moss Piglet, alias Slow Walker. Tardigradas are considered the most durable creatures on planet Earth. They are found both on glaciers and in deserts all over the world, some inhabit the sea or fresh waters. They live in almost any environment, commonly in a thin film of water on the surface of mosses, lichens, algae or some types of plants./ Želvušky jsou považovány za nejodolnější tvory planety Země. Vyskytují se jak na ledovcích, tak na pouštích celého světa, některé osídlují moře či sladké vody. Žijí téměř v každém prostředí, běžně v tenkém vodním filmu na povrchu mechů, lešejníků, řas nebo některých druhů rostlin.
Our work is intended to be an inspiration for a creative approach to solutions and for the presentation of audience tasks on digital applications. The information should be presented in a different way, on an emotional level and with the possibility of interaction.
Tineola, civic assotiation offers workshops for festivals, scientific conferences, for libraries...
We work with our experience of visualizing situations on the iPad, simple animations, familiarization with some applications and recommendations for processing presentations and working together in a team when creating on a professional topic. Or just for fun.

Digital in the theatre


Digital in the theatre