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Workshop for kids: Digital Theater/ Prizrenfest
Everything Is Connected to Everything Else
Workshop for children directed by Michaela Bartonova (CZ) and Ralf Lücke (DE) Digital Theater in festival PRIZRENFEST 2023 CREATIVITY/TEAMWORK/ACTING/ iPad and Drawing in Motion, Shadow theatre, Masks and props July 2023
Ecology is the study of relationships and processes linking living things to the physical and chemical environment. First, together we discovered the connections and how it all started - the Big Bang, our sun and the first cell born probably in a probiotic soup between two black smokers... :
Creativity - props and masks for show. Children went thru whole process of building the show. 
Rehearsing movement on stage, creating networks and moving with masks
Drawing in motion on iPad
Big bang and The birth of the sun
Rehearsing, rehearsing. Bacteria + Algae + Fungi and again rehearsalsing....
The workshop brought the children closer to the world of organisms that depend on each other and that live in symbiosis for millions of years. Thanks to bacteria, algae and fungi, soil was formed on the rocky ground over millions of years, in which the life of plants, fungi, animals and insects continued. In the end - a very short time compared to the entire process of eveolution, humans - homo sapiens - have lived on our planet for only about 200 thousand years...
However, for the last 200 years, man has been fundamentally and shamelessly plundering this planet. He takes the gifts that the Earth gives us, but gives nothing back.
We believe that after a week spent with new information with beautiful creative work, the children will stick to some sentences that they learned, some images that we created together and that they played to their parents. 
Parents and audience....
We would like them to remember our words that everything is connected to everything and that the life of many plants, trees, animals and indeed the fate of our entire planet depends on our every action.
The children were great, joyful and inquisitive. It was wonderful to work with them and we wish them that their interest and enthusiasm will last for a long time...
We thank the organizers of Prizrenfest for the cooperation and pleasant environment, for the friendly reception and for the opportunity to see great performances during the festival. Thanks Aurela Kadriu. Some photos by photographer Esad Duraku. 
Second day of workshop there was nice introduction of our workshop in TV - Complete interview HERE
Workshop for kids: Digital Theater/ Prizrenfest


Workshop for kids: Digital Theater/ Prizrenfest