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    collateral piece for Save The Arts brief for 2014 OneShow Youngones. ( Bronze pencil winner)
Client: Adopt the Arts Foundation (a non-profit dedicated to saving the arts in America's public schools.)

Brief: Show the importance of the arts and inspire people to act by donating to art programs at public schools, operas, or even local museums.

Insight: Some public schools spend as little as 3 cents on students art education. That's not even enough money to buy one crayon. 

Solution: Instead of telling people how schools are only spending 3 cents on the art department we decided to show them what 3 cents worth of art supplies looked like. We created 3 cent crayon boxes and placed them in stores with a call to action pleading them to donate to save the arts. This campaign received a bronze pencil at the 2014 One Show Young Ones competition.