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    Ricordo, an end table, Winner of the Zolijns Riva 1920 Briccole Design Competition 2014.
The Zolijns Riva 1920 Briccole Design Competition was held in India, with over 150 entries from 6 schools. 
The brief was to use the Briccole posts from the Venetian lagoons and design a table out of them. These oak posts get worn out by tiny molluscs and need to be replaced periodically. 
My concept was to highlight these holes and I designed 'Ricordo', which means keepsake in Italian, as a reminder of the dying seafaring traditions of Venice. It is an end table and can be used anywhere in the house. 
My mentor for this project was Mr Sanjay Puri, renowned Indian architect. 
Ricordo was chosen as a winner from over 150 entries by Maurizio Riva, of renowned Italian furniture firm Riva 1920, and Michele de Lucchi, famous Italian architect and designer. 
For a link to my interview after the award ceremony, click here.  (Youtube) 
The prototypes, one with natural resin and the other with Wax, the trophy designed by Karim Rashid and the certificate. 
We were asked to submit technical plans, a graphical representation as well as a scaled model of the design. 
Following is my graphical representation : 
With Terry Dwan and Maurizio Riva at the felicitation ceremony at the Salone del Mobile 2014, Milan
Details of the Prototype made out of Briccole wood with natural resin.
Details of the scaled model in teak wood (without resin), process image of the lathe, and the briccole posts at the Riva factory. 
An article in the Ahmedabad mirror, 31st August 2014.
For links to the organisers' websites :