The material wood has always fascinated me, there is just something so classy and timeless about it. I have always wanted to explore the finer nuances of the material, and having had some time on my hands, I did exactly that. The process has led to believe that woodworking might actually become a way of life for me. 
Here are a few explorations, made completely with a small set of handtools over the course of a couple of weeks. I have spent hours chiselling and sanding away, only to fall more in love with this versatile material. 
Feedback and tips welcome! 
A Handcrafted Teak wood spoon, my first exploration.
Another spoon, this time out of Bamboo, in an effort to explore another material. 
A Handcrafted Teak wood butter knife.
Another simpler Handcrafted Teak wood butter knife.
Process images of Spoons and Knives