Printing Friends

”SNASK turned our dated and corporate customer magazine into a shamefully good looking magazine full of interesting articles and graphic porn”
Peter Hjelm, CEO DanagårdLiTHO

In 2010, Danagård and LiTHO merged to create DanagårdLiTHO, an exciting Swedish printing company with over 100 employees. Directly after merging, they realised that their #1 customer touch point, the journal Printing Friends, was uninspiring and totally lacked design; a shameful insight, coming from a printing company. To bring about change, Snask was asked to conceive a total re-make and to develop the product to sync with brand goals and vision.

In the beginning of the process Snask realised that DanagårdLiTHO needed to do more than just polishing the graphic style of the magazine. Snask developed a strategy around inspiring art directors and graphic designers by making a customer magazine that looked better than their own agencies printed matter. If art directors and graphic designers got inspired it would surely inspire everyone else with less of an eye for print design. When putting the magazine together, Snask is in charge of the whole she-bang: conceptualisation, content, design, illustration, journalism and photography.

DanagårdLiTHO now have brand new communication and marketing material. First two issues came out during 2011, turning Printing Friends from a waste-bin product to a useful and vibrant B2B-tool for DanagårdLiTHO when marketing its products and services.