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EMI Health Brand Identity


Comprehensive brand illustrative system
to increase awareness and communicate
its services better

EMI Health is a US-based health insurance company with over 200 employees that has been providing medical, dental, and vision insurance plans to individuals and employer groups for over 85 years. The company also offers wellness programs, health management tools, and other resources to help its members stay healthy and manage their healthcare costs.

Sensitive and complex information is common
for the healthcare industry. Thoroughly created
illustration system can help with many issues:

• Medical and healthcare industry customers often have difficulties perceiving text due to their health condition. Illustrations reduce cognitive load and help people understand  information.  

• Some health conditions can be visually unappealing or distressing. Illustrations convey important health information more easily.  

• The healthcare industry can be complex and emotionally challenging. Illustrations help soften communication and reduce negative emotions such as fear or frustration.  

Pictogram is a basic token in illustrative
A good pictogram should possess the following characteristics and be constructed as part of a specific system

System is the key. The visual system, consistent across all touchpoints, helps to:

Improve brand recognition. A coherent and unique style stands out, increasing brand recall and awareness.

Increase credibility. By connecting the brand and customers on an emotional level, we create a sense of trust and reliability, which grows customer loyalty and retention.

Clarify communication. The consistent visual system becomes a universal language easy for people to understand and connect with the brand.

Reduce expenses. Creating new materials that align with the existing brand identity becomes easier and requires fewer resources for further design and development.

Boost productivity. The well-designed visual system makes a workflow more efficient and allows to automate processes.

Simplify brand extension. With the applied visual system, it is easier to extend the brand into new products or markets, adapting brand identity to new contexts without much effort.

We developed an illustrative system that improved communication of complex and sensitive medical concepts to customers and healthcare professionals.

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EMI Health Brand Identity


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EMI Health Brand Identity

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