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Cycode's brand expansion through Iconography and Illustrations design

Cycode is a platform dedicated to governance, security, and integrity in software delivery pipelines. ​Their team sought to effectively communicate product functionality to end-users, strengthen marketing campaigns' impact, expand the user base without compromising existing features, and captivate a broader audience.

To tackle these challenges, Cycode enlisted our expertise in brand iconography design. Our designers worked closely with Cycode, crafting a series of icons and illustrations to shape the conceptual direction. We swiftly gained approval for the proposed approach through efficient communication and collaboration and developed the final design options. These visuals conveyed the distinctive features of each Cycode product, ensuring a consistent and harmonious visual language throughout the platform.

The collaborative efforts yielded an iconography and illustration system that advanced the platform's aesthetics and user experience. The refined visuals strengthened Cycode's brand identity and supported its reputation as a reliable governance, security, and integrity solution in software delivery pipelines. With this successful transformation, Cycode expanded its user base and achieved its objectives in an ever-evolving market.


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Cycode 3D Design


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Cycode 3D Design

Cycode brand expansion through 3D design