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Clearbit Website Transformation

Clearbit, known for its business intelligence API tools, approached us with a digital presence that, while well-received by marketing-oriented visitors, needed to reflect the evolving brand and product positioning. The challenge was to reorient the messaging from a mere "data provider" to a cohesive "data platform" and to freshen up the overall look and feel.

While there was consideration of redesigning the logo, we decided to prioritize refining the website's design in close collaboration with Clearbit's marketing team. This approach streamlined our workflow, resulting in enhanced visuals, improved information architecture, and seamless development. Following a systematic Kanban process, our team progressed through tasks, enhancing aesthetics and optimizing website performance. 

The outcome is a website where visitors swiftly grasp Clearbit's offerings, leading to improved conversion rates, reduced bounce rates, and a more powerful brand image.
Subsequently, after some time following the redesign, Clearbit was acquired by HubSpot, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

Our collaborative efforts with Clearbit exemplify the impact of strategic alignment, innovative approaches, and synchronized execution in achieving a holistic digital transformation that propelled Clearbit to a successful merger with HubSpot.

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Clearbit Website Design


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Clearbit Website Design

Revitalized Clearbit online image from basic "data provider" to dynamic "data platform" through a strategic website design overhaul. Our collabor Read More