EnKō Beauty was created by successful makeup artist Caylin McDonie, who has risen to fame through social media, renowned for her avant garde looks. 

The name EnKō is a word originating in Japanese folklore, meaning water dragon and was originally inspired by a beauty look. Handmade from scratch, custom logotype and typography Rabbit Hole was created by Hugmun founder Boafff. Each surreal letter flows, hinting at the folklore origins. It feels relevant to makeup, art, freehand flowing lines like we see in Caylin’s artistry. Metallic, holographic, 3D and chrome also plays a large role in the brand identity. Shifting and flowing with light and color like the multi tones found in the eye shadows. 

The mask designed specifically for Caylin and animated by Marek Degórski gives a high fashion, standout feel. After seeing the surreal and extraordinary scenes of Nature by 3D Witch Vi.zuza, we knew we also needed to collaborate and incorporate Enkō into this world. 

The packaging was created by Marceli printery with a blind deboss and black letterpress on Carte a Parfum paper by Fedrigoni. Complimentary font Sometimes Times Italic by Boulevardlab provides a lighter but equally intricate contrast to Rabbit Hole. These are offset by serif font Plain by Optimo.

3D Artists: Marek Degórski↗ Vi.zuza
Typography: Rabbit Hole by Boafff↗​​​​​​​ Sometimes Times by Boulevard↗ Plain by Optimo
Print House: Marceli Printery
Photography: Dominik Lewinski