UKVIAT are a skincare brand who have a mission to create natural cosmetics and protect nature at the same time. 

UKVIAT refers to the Polish word KWIAT, for flower, and reflects a deep respect for nature and the universal cycle of life. At least 2% of each of their sales support a specific environmental goal; cleaning the oceans, planting forests or protecting wild bees. 

When working on their brand identity and packaging, we took inspiration from the vivid colors of the oils. We wanted to represent the honesty and transparency with which the brand was created. We created minimalist, mono-colored packaging, which is shown in everyday situations or surrounded by nature. This mirrors the effective products becoming a part of everyday life, whilst allowing you to take care of our planet in a simple and accessible way. 

Nature based imagery and video features quite strongly in the materials created for UKVIAT. However, we also wanted to show the products in their real, natural surroundings without idealization. We focussed on analog photography and the aesthetics of everyday life, in which there are also imperfect elements.

Photography: Kuba Rodziewicz
Photo styling: Joanna Ziemowska