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    Modular displaying and exhibiting system
C_bar is modular displaying and exhibiting system / it’s designed to answer a wide specter of needs and requirements of displaying different sorts of merchandise and exhibiting of various contents / the inspiration is found in molecular crystal bar  
the system consists of three main elements:
a-     a stick made of drawn aluminium profile with alternative wooden insertions, with a section dimension of
3 x 3 cm at the end of the stick there is a cast aluminium cap with a screw holes / dimensions of cap are
3 x 3 x 5 cm
b-     joining parts made out of sheet aluminium of 2mm thickness / he sheet aluminium is cut and bent under a various angles
c-     rotating and joining the two parts together makes a joint which can vary depending of the angle of b parts and the way of combining the elements
example of making different types of joints
example of making a connection with use surface / example of creating a modular sturcture
an example of using the system for making shelves for displaying footwear
an example of using system for displaying clothes 
example of the use of the system for making some abstract displaying structures