The project was done during the two-week Agape workshop for Mantova Creativa 2014.
The Pez product follows the philosophy of inclusive design, adhering to Agape's exquisite design and high aesthetic standards. It represents the concept of redesigning existing Agape product to make it suitablе for children use as shown in following example of Nivis washbasin designed by Andrea Morgante / Shiro Studio.
The product is being cut and adapted in the process of production. These modifications allow the product to be made out of several modules in different heights and each one can be mounted on top of the another. This enables the changing of the washbasin’s height.
Some modules are also designed to be used as independent storage units, or integrated into the base of Nivis washbasin.
exhibition Space structure lightness
@ Santa Maria della Vittoria, Mantua, Italy
june 2014.