The project was done during the two-week Agape workshop for Mantova Creativa 2014.
Sweep represents an inclusive product design. It originated as a reaction to standard helping handles and bars for the people with disabilities. Sweep is not designed only to comply with functional and ergonomic demands of such product, but to also meet the sophisticated aesthetic values of Agape's products. The pleasant form and curves of Sweep make the helping handles quite desirable in every type of bathroom.
The main goal is to make a bathroom that can be used by everyone without emphasizing the fact it is adapted for persons with disabilities.
The handles are designed to support human weight and fit the ergonomy of human hand. Two bars together form a firm construction that can also support the shower seats.
Several types of shower seats are designed to perfectly follow the form of Sweep handles and to ergonomically and visually meet the highest aesthetic and ergonomic standards.
exhibition Space structure lightness
@ Santa Maria della Vittoria, Mantua, Italy
june 2014.