Health Canada

    Gator,  a new message of the 2014 campaign Healthy Canadians for Health Canada, signed by Christian Langlois, commercial film director at Les Enfants in collaboration with the agency Ogilvy Montreal. This is a smart visual metaphor which means educating Canadians at risk of food poisoning and safety of our domestic life. Here a sneaky alligator appears in the middle of a kitchen sink. The danger does not always come from where you think. Like its last, this message directs us to the website and data base of the federal agency, where you can find valuable tips on health and safety.

    This message uses atypical cinematic techniques and computer graphics. An  high end technologies, including a motion control system, submersible lenses, automation system for VFX and mechanical fluids. Some digital manipulations have use to add fluidity and to complete everything.
    The last campaign which Health Canada collaborates with Ogilvy and director for 3 times, have been served 2 Awards of Excellence by the Rx Club Awards of New York in last December and have been showed at the Talent Gallery of Adweek 2012 and won 2 silver at the Summit Awards in 2012.
  • The Making of Gator
  • Advertiser: Health Canada, Government of Canada 
    Clients: Karine Goneau-Lessard, Natalie Cusson 
    Ogilvy Montréal - Canada
    VP Creation: Martin Gosselin 
    Creative director: Gavin Drummond 
    Creatives: Thembi Lassiter, Mathieu Roy 
    Customer Service: Lina Castrechini 
    Electronic producer agency: Johanne Gougeon, Marie Claude Langlois 
    Production House: Les Enfants
    Christian Langlois - Les Enfants
    Executive Producer: Céline Ceillier - Les Enfants
    Cinematographer: François Dutil 
    Production designer: Jean Francois Campeau 
    VFX and props: Etienne Proulx 
    Production Manager: Stéphane Guérin Lajoie 
    Coordination: Morgane Pearon - Les Enfants
    Post production: Fly Studio 
    Music: La Majeure
    Sound: Luc Prefontaine - Studio La Majeure