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    A few selections from recent released work from my design portfolio
Bungalow 8, signage

An upscale home decor store asked us to develop signages to help their customers find them once they were in the vicinity. These designs utilized their objects to create the logo.
Retaining the essence of the old logo the client approached us to present them with a new but subtle shift in the branding. The entity and the company were steeped in history, in existence since 1952 as one of India's largest distributors of books. The exercise never saw fruition as the company got acquired at a later date.
Jewelone branding 
Starting from the name, thisinvolved designing a brand identity across packaging, in-shop display systemsand POS. The jewellery and consequently the branding was aimed at thesemi-urban Indian's sensibility. Our approach to the logo design and imagery romancedthe traditional archetype akin to Bollywood movies.