• Akademie Zubrowka Experience Site
    Wes Anderson's latest film production "The Grand Budapest Hotel" transports us to the realistically fictional alpine country of Zubrowka at the beginning of the twentieth century.  Centering on a concierge at the hotel and his attentive lobby boy apprentice, the movie follows the pair through a series of peculiar events surrounding a Renaissance painting of extraordinary value.  
    Watson/DG was selected to create an educational, in-world companion to "The Grand Budapest Hotel", structured as a course syllabus for the Zubrowka Akademie.  The site was designed with specific attention to the time period, featuring viewing elements of a microfiche machine such as a viewing lens loader and a navigational wheel to move through the digital "slides".  Each slide includes multiple layers of discoverable content, including copy created in direct collaboration with Wes himself, character pages reminiscent of hand-coloured photographs, and images and video clips pulled directly from the film.  Combined, these elements form an in-depth crash course on the industry, art, and local government of the Republic of Zubrowka.
    And yes, this will be on the test.        
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