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GenArts Experiments * 01.22

Digital Art

The main idea of this ongoing project is to demonstrate the advantages of a generative approach, which makes it easier for the artist to find diverse creative results in the process of creating art.

The images here were created using custom-designed software which relies on the interaction between artist and algorithm, using SVG elements created by the artist as base elements, while the algorithm generates the output using a range of different functions and methods. 

The resulting SVG file image was processed through various filters to achieve a more dramatic effect.

Chrome Reflection Adventure

Relaxing Shuffle

Song of the Savannah

White Noise Screen

Cosmic Radio

O + O

Tungsten Land

State of Gravity

Shadow Discipline

Depth of Art-Deco

Soul Mate

Futuristic Calligraphy

Vaporwave Message

Wayfinding Polychrome

Primitives Collaboration

Radical Geometry

Solid Ground

Purple Data

Rainbow Slices

Exascale Collision


The Fall of Decepticons

Smudging the Spears

Unicorn Explosion

Naked Fireworks

Avant-Garde Love

Golden Age

Simcity Deconstruction

Pool of the Lost Miracles

Sunny Day

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GenArts Experiments * 01.22


GenArts Experiments * 01.22

The main idea of this ongoing project is to demonstrate the results of a generative approach in creating art that makes it easier for the artist Read More