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Illustration: Children's Book "Albert is quiet"

Book Illustration: Albert is quiet

«We take care of each other, each in his own way».

«Albert is quiet» is the story of an unequal friendship. Albert is quiet - his friends are loud. They like to run, scream and shout - Albert prefers to watch. But thanks to his watchful manner, the friends manage to escape a precarious situation together.

I've always been a quiet person and never liked being the center of attention - I'm an introvert. I struggled with it for a while when I was younger. At school, in a church environment in which I found myself at the time, as well as at University when I was becoming a teacher, an extroverted personality seemed to be in high demand and I often felt under pressure. Today I know how well introverted and extroverted personalities can complement each other and that everyone has their own strengths, no matter the environment. Reading Susan Cains “Quiet - The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking” (2012) made a great contribution to this and it is a book that I oftentimes come back to.

«Albert is quiet» was created against this background. It's a simple portrait of an unequal friendship. Albert is quiet - his friends are loud. While the friends romp around in nature, Albert notices an approaching danger and thus saves the whole group. It's a book that empowers quiet children with their personalities and encourages them to stand up for their own needs - but also shows them that sometimes it can be worth stepping out of their comfort zone and raising their voices. Unequal friendships can succeed if both traits are given space and both sides can interact with one another with empathy and understanding.

32 pages, in German. The images below are just a selection of illustrations from the book. All rights stay with the author, no reproduction without the authors consent allowed.

This is an unpublished book. If you are interested in acquiring the project, please get in touch.

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Illustration: Children's Book "Albert is quiet"


Illustration: Children's Book "Albert is quiet"


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