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My Home is Your Home - A Wordless Picture Book

There's a wild world beyond our own walls. A world that inspires curiosity, imagination and kinship with all beings.
We share the same home. We are all neighbors.

A wordless picture book about habitats, conservation and sustainability. 34 Pages, size A4, English.
This is an unpublished project. If you are a publisher and would like to acquire it, please get in touch.

All rights stay with the author, no reproduction without the authors consent allowed.

Created with the support of PARDICOLOR, an environmental creative arts initiative
by conservation organization Wildlife Asia, www.pardicolor.org

Behind the book

The earth is our home – but not just ours. We share it with innumerous animals and plants. How can we all, as a shared ­neighborhood, protect and conserve our house and make sure that nature thrives, now and in the future? The book aims to ­inspire readers, to kindle curiosity about, and to form a kinship with nature and all beings, in knowing that we are all neighbors and share the same home.
This is the story of a family looking for a new home. The journey, their move, stands for the incredible task that ­humankind is ­ facing today. To move from a mindset of endless growth to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. We ask ourselves: How do we want to live? What options do we have? What do we really need, and what do our neighbors, the animals and plants need, in order to thrive? What does this ideal house look like that can be a home for everyone and that ­provides for all?

Each habitat page is divided into 3 parts:
- the house: a glimpse into the family’s life from morning till night.
- the overlapping part: a space opening up for encounters, a shared space of community between species.
- the wild: a part that the family does not have access to, separated by a physical barrier.  

We all need our own spaces, but there is the potential for an overlap, which does not have to be physical. The knowledge and ­awareness about our environment, the empathy and love for our common home, and the presence of the topics of ­sustainability in our minds and in our daily lives help us make wise decisions when it comes to how we shape our lives in a non-harming way for the ­environment.

On each habitat page, a subtopic is depicted as inspiration for subjects of environmental ­sustainability in ­different aspects of our lives:   •  Fresh- and sea water habitat: water cycle and conservation  •  Rainforest habitat: food ­production and -consumption  ­•  Grassland habitat: transportation  •  Desert habitat: energy  •  Temperate forest habitat: definition of ­sustainability, principles of conservation, life cycles  •  Polar habitat: climate change, global warming, communal living  •  Mountain habitat: ­intergenerational aspect of sustainability

At the end of the book, readers are invited to go back and find 40 depicted endangered animals in their habitats – a chance to look closer, discover new details and learn more about the most threatened of our neighbors.

Video of process and a preview of the whole book:

Thank you for your interest in my work!

My Home is Your Home - A Wordless Picture Book


My Home is Your Home - A Wordless Picture Book



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