Nuvo Business Park
Business Park NUVO is a new architectural business complex in the center of Kyiv. We in Spiilka aimed to develop a timeless brand identity for NUVO, as its construction will be completed in a few years. 

NUVO is all about ecological and intelligent architectural concept. And that had a direct impact on identity. Naming of Business Park NUVO is a pun based on Art Nouveau, a beautiful period when architecture and nature were literally intertwined. One hundred years ago, the facades were decorated with floral motifs, but today the imitation of nature is transmitted into smooth forms and a modern ecological approach to construction. NUVO, for instance, is a low-rise building with a conscious consumption concept that meets BREEAM environmental standards. 

To create the logo of NUVO, we turned to elements of Art Nouveau: expressive and smooth letter N, monograms, typography with different letter widths and symmetrical modular composition.​​​​​​​ We also did not miss the architecture of the business park. One building has a rounded shape, unlike others with sharp corners. Thus we came to a simple symbol that resembles letter N from Art Nouveau period and also contains a "scheme" of the buildings, where only one building has rounded corners.

Nuvo Business Park