SmartTender. Digital platform

SmartTender is a digital platform for commercial and public procurements. It is a partner of Prozorro system, as well as a powerful tool for large companies. With SmartTender, companies can simplify and automate their own bidding process. SmartTender is used by Kyiv Khlibzavod, Ukrnafta, Mironivsky Hliboproduct and others. The product was designed and is being developed by IT-Enteprise.

The product is great if you look under the hood; it seems that professionals from IT-Enterpise can automate anything! But the visual appearance of the product looks old-fashioned and a bit complicated.

Therefore, guys turned to us with the task of simplifying the platform interface, to make it appealing and user-friendly not only for commercial procurement professionals, but also for ordinary people. Moreover, we hoped that the product would get closer to a bigger goal: one day SmartTender should become a simple and convenient tool for applications and purchases not only for large corporations and enterprises, but also for small and medium-sized businesses.

SmartTender. Digital platform