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Square X2 - Reflections
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Disclaimer: NO CG was used in this project.

To introduce the new Square X2 Register we built a graphic concept around the mirrored display — What if we physically mirrored the world?

Mirror Store —

We built an abstract representation of a retail store that's completely physically mirrored through the middle..

In addition we introduced mirrors to all elements of this store. Shelves, low display table and the payment counterall have mirror elements. This gives us subtle cues to this being a retail space while also creating a completely immersive mirror world.

Stop Motion —

To break up the the pace of wide shots here and there we introduced slightly whimsical but highly art directed, animated mirror tricks. These all tell their individual stories.

Physical Craft —

Art Directed sets, Big lights, Phantom Camera, amazing DoP, fantastic production designer, whimsical ideas, strong contrasts, rich textures, graphic, balanced compositions.

All the best stuff.

Real Effects —

We kept it real on this one and used in camera effects instead of digital smoke and mirrors. I hope you can feel it.

Where coffee?


Director: Raphael Vangelis
Production Company: FRIEND
Executive Producer: Heather Firminger
Producer: Byron McNally

Director of Photography: Tony C. Miller
Production Designer: Oliver Hogan
Stop Motion Animator: Andy Biddle
Postproduction: Absolute Post

Creative Agency: FateVFuture
Client: Square

Square X2 - Reflections
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Multiple Owners
Raphael Vangelis