Logitech G915

After Effects
Motion Graphics
The Logitech G915 as a portal through which we enter multiple parallel worlds. We experience the keyboard as endlessly folding geometry in mesmerizing optical illusions.
Minimal to its core, an exploration of shape and form.

We start in a hyper-complex mesmerizing dimension. Over time the world folds in on itself; more and more details of the keyboard become visible in the space fabric that makes up these parallel dimensions.

Like a puzzle that gets solved we reduce the complexity over time which in return makes the connection between the keyboard and this surreal dimension more and more clear.
Finally an impossible shape magically unfolds into a real version of the keyboard, playing on the fact that the G915 encapsulates all these worlds.
Hypercubes, Interstellar

we desconstructed the keyboard into it's dimensional space/time fragments.
ACT I — Infinite Possibilities

We enter a mesmerizing, hypnotic world of impossible geometric forms that doesn't seem to follow physical laws. A few different independent techniques distort space and time which in return creates the sense of infinite possibilities.
Endless mirrored geometry explores form, shape and materiality of the keyboard.
These glimpses of the G915 in abstract form are like a puzzle and don't connect to a full picture of the keyboard yet.
ACT II — Intersections & Interactions

As the optical illusions unfold we open portals that introduce the G915 in macro level beauty shots juxtaposed against the abstract dimensions.
The split screen and juxtapositions will give backstory & context to the previously established abstract effects.
At the same time the two dimensions will interact & advance each other through motion, camera, colour and light. This establishes a clear connection between the 4th Dimension and reality. This technique is also a direct callback to the POWERPLAY and G433.
ACT III — Simplify & Unfold

The geometric forms keep unfolding and reduces in complexity to an elegant minimum.
With a mind bending dimensional fold the film resolves with a seamless transition from an impossible shape into the G915 in a vibrant immersive setting.
In this bespoke Logitech fog world, the composition, movement and lighting underline the sleek design of the G915. For a split second the 4th dimension distortion effect ripples through the product and lights up the coloured keys.
Audio has two huge roles in this spot — to set the tempo that will drive the edit, and to make audible the intricate tactile feeling of clicking keys on a mechanical keyboard.
The clicking sound of the keyboard will function as a base beat. At the start of the film it's going to be heavily distorted, won't be recognizable and become only discernible as we unfold over time.
The looped, ever accelerating click-sound will speed up until we hear one clear click functioning as the sync-point to cut into reality.
Client: Logitech
Direction, Design & Animation: ManvsMachine
Direction: Raphael Vangelis
Audio: Zelig
Logitech G915