Patek Philippe - The Perfect Index
This is the first commercial in a campaign of 5 watch films for Patek Philippe.
A cinematic macro film about patience. All gold. Everything.
Originally we even did the product shot in CG but our client ended up wanting us to use the real watch. I still think the CG watch looks better than the real one ;)
Here a little breakdown for the CG parts; nothing special really but exceptionally well done by the magicians at Glassworks VFX.

Director: Raphael Vangelis
Producer: Duncan Buxton
Producer: Phoebe Scott
Agency: Leagas Delaney

Postproduction Company: Glassworks
3D Design, Lead Artist: Florian Juri
3D Artist: Alessandro Vastalegna

2D: Stirling Archibald
James Littlemore
David Birkill
Colour: Daniel De Vue

Music: Radium