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Corporate Brand Identity for Architecture Firm Branding

Sacks Arquitetura

Year & Location
2021-2022, Garibaldi. RS, Brazil.

Brand Identity, Corporate Design, Stationery.

Sacks Arquitetura is a distinguished architectural firm renowned for its commitment to crafting contemporary projects that reflect the unique values and lifestyles of its clients. With a focus on creating architecture that seamlessly integrates into its surroundings while maintaining a distinct identity, Sacks Arquitetura sets itself apart in the industry.
In collaboration with Fernanda Sacks, we embarked on a journey to redefine the firm's brand identity and corporate applications. Our objective was to develop a timeless contemporary identity infused with strong design personality traits that would resonate with both existing and prospective clients.

At the heart of the brand identity lies a meticulously crafted logo, characterized by its solid structure and sophisticated aesthetics. 

Utilizing a stylish and modern sans serif font, the logo exudes confidence and professionalism while embodying the essence of Sacks Arquitetura's design philosophy. To complement the minimalist black and white logo, we introduced a neutral yet chic color palette that serves as a versatile backdrop for the brand's applications, from digital platforms to print materials.

Through a harmonious blend of sleek design elements and thoughtful brand strategy, we succeeded in creating a brand identity for Sacks Arquitetura that not only reflects its commitment to excellence but also positions it as a leader in the contemporary architectural landscape.

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Corporate Brand Identity for Architecture Firm Branding


Corporate Brand Identity for Architecture Firm Branding