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Burger Restaurant Branding for Brgrs'n'Wngs


Year & Location
2021-2022, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Signage Design and more.

Prepare your taste buds for a journey through the delectable world of Brgrs'n'Wngs, a cutting-edge container food franchise set to make waves in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Specializing in handcrafted burgers and chicken wings, this Caribbean culinary gem aspires to be the go-to destination for those who crave the ultimate burger experience. Our collaboration with Brgrs'n'Wngs embarked on a mission to deliver not just a meal but a culinary spectacle that cuts straight to the heart of flavor.

In capturing the essence of Brgrs'n'Wngs' young and fun brand, we meticulously curated a visual identity that pays homage to its playful spirit. 

The choice of the Erica One typeface played a pivotal role in making the logo pop with personality. Crafting logo versions that adapt seamlessly to various contexts, we introduced subtle details to the typography, giving birth to a charming burger icon. This iconic element serves as a playful nod to the brand's core offerings, becoming a versatile graphic element that weaves through diverse applications.

The color palette became a canvas for our culinary creativity. 

A cheesy orange and a refreshing salad green were carefully chosen to evoke the flavors and freshness of Brgrs'n'Wngs' offerings. Beyond mere aesthetics, the palette was strategically designed to arouse appetites and set the stage for a mouthwatering experience. This thoughtful approach extended to the creation of unique graphic patterns that grace paper wraps and other brand applications, enhancing the overall visual storytelling.

The scope of our project extended beyond the logo; we envisioned a holistic culinary experience for Brgrs'n'Wngs. 

From packaging to uniforms and the container's signage, every touchpoint was meticulously designed to reflect the brand's vibrancy and commitment to quality. With cohesive logo versions and a tempting color palette, the identity we crafted for Brgrs'n'Wngs is not just young and clever—it's a flavorful narrative that cuts straight to the taste, leaving a lasting impression on both eyes and palates.

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Burger Restaurant Branding for Brgrs'n'Wngs


Burger Restaurant Branding for Brgrs'n'Wngs