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Fashion Branding, Brand Strategy and Design for Mersi

Mersi Rebranding: Fashion Crafted With Purpose.
Year & Location
2023, New York, USA.
Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, and More.
Mersi, a fashion accessories brand based in Brooklyn, NYC, USA, approached us with a vision to redefine how women express their unique style through premium quality accessories. They sought our expertise to develop a comprehensive brand strategy, create a bold and modern brand identity, and design packaging that not only showcased the product but also conveyed the brand's ethos.
Understanding the essence of Mersi's mission, we crafted a brand strategy that emphasized empowering women through fashion. The strategy centered on aligning the brand with sustainability, ethical production, and celebrating individuality. This not only differentiated Mersi in the market but also resonated with conscious consumers.

Building on Mersi's commitment to bold and modern aesthetics, we designed a visually striking brand identity

The logo, featuring sleek typography, embodies the brand's essence. 
The color palette, a vibrant mix of bold hues, reflects the fun and dynamic 
spirit of Mersi's accessories.

"Crafted with Purpose" became the guiding 
principle for Mersi messaging. 

Not only encapsulates the meticulous craftsmanship behind each accessory 
but also reinforces the brand's commitment to ethical practices and empowering 
women through style.

An extension of the brand identity creates 
an unboxing experience that matched the premium quality of Mersi's accessories. 

The packaging design, adorned with vibrant patterns and the brand's signature colors, 
not only protected the products but also enhanced the overall brand presentation.

Bold, fun, and modern visuals were at the core 
of Mersi's new brand identity.

Imagery showcased women confidently embracing their unique style, emphasizing the versatility of Mersi's accessories in various settings. This theme is carried through all marketing collateral, creating a cohesive and memorable visual language.

The rebranding positioned Mersi as a go-to destination for women seeking premium accessories with a purpose. 

The bold and modern visuals resonated with the target audience, driving increased brand recognition and engagement. Mersi successfully differentiated itself in a competitive market, appealing to conscious consumers seeking both style and substance.

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Fashion Branding, Brand Strategy and Design for Mersi


Fashion Branding, Brand Strategy and Design for Mersi