Zero is the very first Italian TV show featuring a predominantly Black cast and represents a much needed step for Italian television.
The story revolves around a young boy with the ability to become invisible: a metaphor for what his community faces everyday
in a country that does not see them.

Our campaign showcased a multitude of 2nd Gen heroes in order to embody best the “Zero Movement” in different touch points 
and through our positioning concept: being invisible is the real power.

CCO & Partners: Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti
Creative Directors: Davide Labò & Luca Riva
Design Director: Alessio Salatino
Copywriter: Jacob Salmona Arcari
Art Director: Antonio Gambino
Content Supervisor: Wintana Rezene
Client Director: Elena Panza
Account Director: Martina De Siervo
Account Executive: Eleonor Michel
Strategic Planner: Elisa Fiorentini
Social Media Manager: Alessandro Magnani
Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari
Executive Producer: Silvia Lo Cascio
Production Manager: Simone Raddi
Producers: Michele Pasini; Andrea Italia; 
Camilla Romeo
Post Production Supervisor: Seba Morando
Film Editors: Valentina Stefania Renna; Diego Gonzalez
Motion Graphic Designer: Dario Lipani 
TVC Director: Iacopo Carapelli
Photographer: Paolo Zerbini

Netflix - Zero