eBay - Off the road

Whatever your passion is, eBay is the perfect marketplace to nourish it. 
And motorsports make no exception. 

So, this new episode is dedicated to a group of friends who leave home to see a Grand Prix in person, 
after fixing up their old RV with parts & accessories bought on eBay from Paolo, the "king of RV travelers". 
But during their trip, something goes wrong. And they end up in a whole other track... but just as exciting.

Chief Creative Officers & Partners: Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti
Creative Directors: Davide Labò & Luca Riva
Senior Copywriter: Camilla Nani
Art Director: Antonio Gambino
Junior Copywriter: Camilla Viganò
Junior Art Director: Marzia Cimino
Design Director: Alessio Salatino
Designer: Niccolò Campanini
Client Director: Elena Panza
Account Director: Piera Colasante
Account Manager: Ilaria Chiusa
Senior Account Executive: Giovanna Savastano
Digital PR Manager: Vittoria Caron
Strategy Director: Marco Mammino
Senior Strategic Planner: Michelangelo Ferracane
Head of Content: Ludovica D’Aquino
Social Media Manager: Sumeya Bendebka
Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari
Producer: Valeria Mazzotta 
Producer: Irene Taverna
Junior Producer: Giovanna Distefano
Content Creator: Luca Murru
Head of Physical Production: Simone Raddi
Junior Production Coordinator: Francesca Di Donna
Post Production Director: Seba Morando
Post Producer: Miriam Ottina
Senior Film Editor: Niccoló Gobbi
Junior Film Editor & Motion designer: Federico Catania

Director: Matteo Bonifazio
DOP: Alessandro Ubaldi

eBay - Off the road